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New to NCB Marking Equipment the XM500 is one of the lightest and smallest handheld dot peen marking machines on the market. The portable indent marking machine weighs just 2.7kg and guarantees precise, high quality dot marking even in the hardest to reach zones. The marking activation handle on the side ensures the user experience is optimised. 

As with all the dot peen marking machines from NCB Marking Equipment the XM500 is of extremely high quality, made with sold resistance materials and is extremely reliable even when used in the harshest environments.

This particular machine is one of the most affordable dot peen marking machines and comes with many features as standard including 2 USB ports, 1 RJ45 port, Ethernet, PN22 stylus etc.


Technical Specifications

  • Weight and Dimensions - 2.7kg / 231mm x 99mm x 171mm

  • Marking area - 50 x 20mm

  • Power supply - universal: 110-230V AC

  • Character Height - 0.5 - 45mm

  • Fonts - Continuous line or point by point/Unicode

  • Marking type - Timestamping, counter, shift code, logo etc

  • Communication - Ethernet, RS232, 2USB

  • INCLUDED - PN22 marking stylus, LED lighting for the marking zone, T05 management software, Gravotrace PC software for windows can also be downloaded for free

  • EXTRAS - range of styluses and tips, 3D stylus, column frame, adaptable bases

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