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The impact bench-top marking machines from NCB Marking Equipment achieve a long-lasting permanent traceability mark with speed and precision. These dot peen marking machines are capable of marking metal and plastic and will fit easily into any work space. 

The dot peen marking machines in the impact range are available in two power source versions: pneumatic or electromagnet. All dot peen marking machines in the impact range are equipped with Touch&Mark technology. The machines feature a touch screen and on-board control software in their marking head. 

Cutting Edge Technology - Z Axis

The Impact dot peen marking machines can include a 'Detect, Adjust, Mark' system using a motorised Z-axis as an additional feature:

  • The electromagentic dot peen marking machine detects the surface of the workpiece, automatically adjusts the height of the Z-axis and allows the performance of multi- level operations with no intervention of the operator.

  • Several adjustment modes are available: Manual (buttons located on side of machine), Automatic       (I-Sense) and Turbo (for greater speed)

  • The new Dynamic Dot Control enables automatic adjustment of the dot density according to the desired size and depth. The markings remain legible and of high quality regardless of the application or character height.

  • The on-board T08 software in the impact marking machines maximises the user experience thanks to its intuitive navigation. The operator can create and edit marking files, store files, merge excel files, check for duplicates, preview marking jobs and adjust settings without a computer.


The impact range makes it possible to perform precise and high quality marking on a large number of materials:

  • Plastics: ABS, PA, PP etc.

  • Metals: steel and painted steel, aluminium, brass, iron, steel, raw and anodised aluminium etc.

Benchtop Dot Peen Marking

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