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NCB Marking Equipment is delighted to work with the following industries supplying dot peen marking machines for identification and traceability:

  • Automotive 

    • Marking of VIN numbers onto chassis​

    • Marking of sensors (plastic)

    • Exhaust system traceability by DataMatrix

    • Marking of brake discs

    • Marking of nameplates

    • Marking of wheel rims

  • Aviation

    • Marking of turbine blades​

    • Traceability using DataMatrix codes of components including stainless steel, steel, titanium

  • Medical

    • Traceability marking to withstand instrument sterilisation process​

    • Identification of medical prostheses

  • Light Industry

    • Mechanical - marking of series of parts, plates, precision mechanical parts​

    • Anti-counterfeiting traceability - keys etc.

    • Electrical - marking of connectors, compliance plates, circuit breakers, components

  • Heavy Industry

    • Construction - marking metal structures, construction plant, lifting platforms​

    • Oil and Gas - identification of turbines, valves

    • Naval - marking of structural parts, engine parts

Dot peen marking, Propen,
Dot peen marking, Propen
Dot peen marking, Propen
Dot peen marking, Propen
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