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Laser Solutions

​Fibre - a system that is easily integrated into any manufacturing process, powerful and accurate the results are of a very high quality and marking is quick. The system is both compact and robust.

Hybrid - this system features the highest peak power in the range and the high quality beam is particularly effective for marking plastics. It has an all in one design that minimises integration costs. 

Green - ideal for soft marking on parts due to its ultra fine laser, it will mark materials that react badly or not at all to other inferred wavelengths but will not alter the material itself.

CO2 Laser - used for high speed coding on production lines, economic and easy to use offering great traceability solutions with no need for costly consumables.

Laser Stations

Three laser stations are available through NCB Marking Equipment

  1. LW1 Laser Station - simple, economic and ready-to-mark. The system is compact and silent and can be installed on a work bench top. Ideal for traceability marking; serial numbers, data matrix codes, texts, symbols etc.

  2. LW2 Laser Station - high tech, motorised with an automated Z-axis and automated door

  3. Customised - fully bespoke solutions are available on request

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