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Popularity of dot peen marking higher than ever

20 years on from selling our first dot peen marking machine we see no sign of this form of identification marking losing its popularity. Yes, other forms of marking have gained notoriety including laser marking, stencil cutting machines, handheld inkjet printers, but there are certain benefits to indent marking that result in this particular product remaining a best seller.

In first instance the shelf life of this product remains one of its most attractive qualities. Only now are our first customers returning to replace their existing machines, 20 years on. And this is partly due to customers wanting the new modernised version of the machine and not because their existing machine has stopped working.

The reliability of the machine and its ability to produce a permanent, precise mark on even the most awkward of structures or components is a huge positive.

In addition we have seen a continued support of this form of marking with the Motorsport industry who have recognised the importance of the machine not compromising the structural integrity of the component in anyway when the traceability mark is being made.

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